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How I Know I'm Saved - Best News Ever

 If you're tired of all the PREACHER GIMMICKS, and sermonic misdirection,  join others world-wide who are studying along with Truth Time Radio - those who are (1st Corinthians 2:5) tired of letting their faith stand in the wisdom of men, and are awakening to the Power of God and His call back to the cross. It's getting louder by the day.   

Our listeners have grown weary of all that modern day "Twistianity"  offers. Christianity has become "Selfianity."  

Today, we will discuss how we can KNOW we are saved.   

Religious people are offended by those of us who are confident in our  salvation. They are religious, unsure, unsaved, and want us to join them. It's a miserable state to be in, and we all know that misery loves  company.  If I asked, "Are you alive?" You'd say, "Yes." If I asked, "How do you  know?" You'd say, "Because I"m breathing." There are things that we can KNOW. And Are you saved is one of those KNOWABLE things. We preach  Christ and Him crucified. A stumblingblock to some, foolishness to others. I Corinthians 1:23.   

Many of today's preachers don't understand the power of this foolish message we preach.  

We would like to thank one of our listeners, Gary H. from Louisiana for sending us the Mercy Me song, "Best News Ever."