Truth Shot  [trooth - shot]
noun. A quick and precise answer to a Bible question.
Served with no chaser.


God's Extreme and Expansive Grace

What "Fallen From Grace" REALLY Means

What Are "Tongues of Angels?" (1 Corinthians 13:1)

Joel's Gospel Vs. Paul's Gospel

The Bible (Copies Vs. Original)

Todd Bentley & Jimmy Swaggart

What About The Sin of Blasphemy?

Finding Truth In The Desert

The Truth About Tattoos

We Are NOT Born Again

Does God Punish Saved People?

Are Believers Spirit Controlled?

Was The Sin of Unbelief Paid For?

Are The World's Sins ALREADY Forgiven?

Is Water Baptism For The Body of Christ?

When Did Jesus Learn That He Was God?

Noah, Abraham, The Thief & Us

Only Two Types of People: Which are you?

Was going to Heaven for eternity known before Paul's gospel?

Religion Is Not For Today

Do Peter and John ALSO warn us of false teachers?

Are we saved the same way as the theif on the cross?

What does it mean to "believe in vain?" (1 Cor. 15:2)

Religion Lies About Angels (Zecheriah 5 & Ezekiel 1)

Jehovah's Witnesses Get a New Revelation AGAIN

Is the "Day of Christ" the same as the "Day of The Lord?"

The Error of Universalism (1 Tim. 4:10)

What's the smartest way to study my Bible?

Did Paul write the book of Hebrews?

Does Revelation 22:19 mean we can lose our salvation?

The Mark of Cain

John was not written to the Body of Christ Church.

How the Ephesians 2:2 Prince distorts the Truth

How do I get my teenager interested in church?

Who's that man on the wall?

Who or what is the beast in Revelation chapter 4?

If "living right" saves you, then no one is saved.

Our Salvation Gospel is not found in Matthew.

To answer a fool, or not to answer a fool?

Have you fallen for DIS-information?

Is our doctrine in the book of Revelation?

Christ was Israel's King - not ours.


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