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Answering Your Bible Questions (Part 1)
     -Day of Christ vs. Day of the Lord, Catching away(rapture) vs. falling away, tribulation, Heaven or Paradise?, the salvation of the thief on the cross, questions about the book of Revelation. 

Answering Your Bible Questions (Part 2)
     -prophecy during the "church age", Will you debate an Ohio State professor about evolution?, What happens after the rapture?, What is "the fulness of the gentiles?", correcting a universalist, What was wrong with the woman with the issue of blood?, Do Peter & John warn us of false teachers?

Answering Your Bible Questions (Part 3)
     -Is Christ our King?, What does it mean to believe in vain?, Should we call ourselves "Bereans?", How do you answer a fool?, How to read your Bible, Aren't we all God's children?

Answering Your Bible Questions (Part 4)
     -Will we reign on earth with Christ?, Jehovah's Witnesses, Pictures of Jesus?, Was the Law done away with before Paul?

Answering Your Bible Questions (Part 5)
     -Does "living right" save you?, "Sonship Edification?"

Answering Your Bible Questions (Part 6)
     -How do I get my teen interested in church?, Why isn't our salvation gospel found in the book of Matthew?

Answering Your Bible Questions (Part 7)
     -Revelation 22:19 vs. our salvation, Did Paul write Hebrews?, The mark of Cain, Why shouldn't we follow the doctrine of John?


Truth Shots
Many of the questions that have come in to TTR have been answered in short audio form, and are available on the Truth Shots page.