Paid For But Not Forgiven?
by Trey Searcy

A listener sent me a quote from something they recently read on Facebook. And we all know that everything on Facebook is true.
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"People die and go to Hell every day having their sins PAID FOR but no one dies and goes to Hell having their sins FORGIVEN. Forgiveness is not granted until the gift has been accepted."

So let me get this straight. God is still holding the sins he paid for against us? 
Not a chance.

Unfortunately the person who wrote this thinks our sins were PAID FOR but not forgiven. A statement that defeats itself.

Sin that's paid for, is sin that's forgiven. If a debt is paid, the debt is forgiven, otherwise the debt would still be owed.

Having sins paid for but not forgiven is judicially impossible. God could not have rightfully said that all the worlds sins were paid for but still being held against them. God cannot hold you accountable for something that is paid for. -That is nonsensical. 

When I first read this I Imagined myself in Gods court room and him saying "Mr. Searcy, your debt has been paid. Now lock him up!"

Debt forgiveness is also known as debt CANCELLATION.

God did not accept a payment to only then turn around and require us to believe it in order to make the payment valid. The payment is valid with or without our belief of it.

Websters says "forgiven" means to grant relief from payment; to forgive a debt.
Websters got it right. In biblical context BOTH paid for and forgiveness are synonymous. (Luke 7:42)

Christ paid the sin debt and God was satisfied. If a paid for debt was still unforgiven then God would not have been satisfied. And make no mistake, God has NEVER been satisfied with sin.

2 Corinthians 5:19 tells us that "God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them;"

Not imputing means no longer being charged-to or blamed-for.

On the merit of Christ and his cross-work accomplishment, sins are no longer imputable to our account.

If God is "not imputing" our sins unto us, then he is no longer charging them to us. -It's just that simple!

The world has been conciliated (made compatible).
A truth that most haven't heard because almost no one preaches it.

The world is not saved but READY to be.
Sin had to be taken out of the way and it was. Now, what the world needs is FAITH. Faith in the finished cross-work of the risen Lord and savior.

Now back to the rest of the quote. "Forgiveness is not granted until the gift has been accepted."

No, SALVATION is not granted until the gift has been accepted.
The author of the quote is wrong again.

Forgiveness was granted almost two thousand years ago, and is not waiting on ANYONE to accept anything.

Forgiveness and salvation are NOT the same thing.

You cannot be saved without being forgiven, but you CAN be forgiven without being saved.

A common hurdle some cannot get over is that getting sins forgiven does not equal salvation. This is why universalists have it wrong. 

God had to FIRST take care of the sin issue, and did so via Christ on the cross. Christ died one time for every-persons every-sin. Forgiveness is not something waiting for our belief but something that has already taken place.

Your sin was (paste tense) forgiven because it was paid for by the risen Christ. However, you are not saved unless you BELIEVE that.

Salvation is not getting your sins forgiven, it's believing they already ARE.

Conclusion: "Paid for but not forgiven" is nothing short of a logical fallacy.
Remember, you only get two educations.
The one you're given, and the one you give yourself.


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