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The TRUTH About The Tithe LIE

Saved By His NAME or By The CROSS?

Forgive to be Forgiven? - A Double-Feature Presentation

"The Lord's Prayer" - A Double-Feature Presentation

Satan's Stairway to Heaven

The Christian "Love Club" (Matthew 23)

Are The Twelve Apostles in The Body of Christ?

Old Covenant, New Covenant, or Something Else?

Atheists, Science, & the Bible

How Does God Speak To Us?

Fallen From Grace (In My Flesh Dwelleth No Good Thing)

Fallen From Grace (Physical State vs. Spiritual Standing)

Fallen From Grace (Galatians 5:4)

Fallen From Grace (Where Is Boasting?)

Speaking in Tongues, Part 7 (When Did They Cease?)

Speaking in Tongues, Part 6 (1 Corinthians 14:34-40)

Speaking in Tongues, Part 5 (1 Corinthians 14:23-33)

Speaking in Tongues, Part 4 (1 Corinthians 14:12-22)

Speaking in Tongues, Part 3 (1 Corinthians 14:1-11)

Speaking in Tongues, Part 2 (Tongues of Angels)

Speaking in Tongues, Part 1 (Earthly Languages)

Born Again, Tattoos, and Punishment

Unbelief, Spirit Controlled, and Testimony

Seventh Day Adventist (Listener Question)

The Cross - You're Either Resting in it, or Working Against it

Righteous, Sealed, and Untouchable (Live Call)

John 3:16 Doesn't Mean What You Think

John 4:22 & 5:29 Say What?

There is No Forgiveable Sin

Two Lies That Will Keep You Lost

Free Gift

Are We The Bride of Christ or Body of Christ?

Salvation vs. Service

Seeing Things For The First Time

How Did I Miss It?

Rightly Dividing The Word of Truth

Sin Confessing is Not For Us

Many HEAR But Few LISTEN, Many LOOK But Few SEE

Does "Chaste Virgin" Equal "Bride of Christ?" (Live Call)

Comparing James With Paul

Do You Know Who You Are?

Ephesians 2.10 (Listener Question)

Explain It Or Explain It Away (Can We Loose Salvation)

Explain It Or Explain It Away (Radio Preacher)

Is Christianity a Religion?

Mary's Missing Alabaster Box

No Verses For Winged, Female, Or Baby Angels (Listener Question)

O Wretched Man That I Am (Law & Grace)

PAST Sins Or ALL Sins (Peter & Paul)

Paul Left The Jews Religion

Salvation (Listener Question)

Salvation is NO MORE of works (Romans 11.6)

The Gospel Of Matthew (WWJD & WWJND)

Church of the "And I's"

Compare Acts 10:35 with Ephesians 1:6

House of Israel

Jesus on Earth Vs. Jesus From Heaven (Live Call)

Law and Grace (Live Call)

Matthew 19:21, Acts 2:45 & 3:6

2 Corinthians 11 (Listener Question)

Another Gospel For Another Dispensation (Galatians 1)

Body of Christ Watchmen (Live Call)

Can You Lose Your Salvation?

Comparing Scripture With Scripture

False Ways To Get Your Sins Forgiven

God Isn't Forgiving Sin

God Says Different Things About The SAME Thing (Live Call)

God's Not Judging Anyone Today

The Bible Game Show

We Are Not The Acts 2 Pentecostal Church

2nd Chronicles 7:14 Has Nothing To Do With America

"Football Stadium Parking Favor" (Psalm 23)

Forgiven But Didn't Know It (Reconciliation Part 2)

Forgiven But Didn't Know It (Reconciliation Part 1)

Is 1st John 1:9 Your "Bar of Soap?"

The Foolishness of God Is Wiser Than Men

Answering Your Bible Questions (Part 7)
     -Revelation 22:19 vs. our salvation, Did Paul write Hebrews?, The mark of Cain, Why shouldn't we follow the doctrine of John?

Answering Your Bible Questions (Part 6)
     -How do I get my teen interested in church?, Why isn't our salvation gospel found in the book of Matthew?

Answering Your Bible Questions (Part 5)
     -Does "living right" save you?, "Sonship Edification?"

Answering Your Bible Questions (Part 4)
     -Will we reign on earth with Christ?, Jehovah's Witnesses, Pictures of Jesus?, Was the Law done away with before Paul?

 Answering Your Bible Questions (Part 3)
     -Is Christ our King?, What does it mean to believe in vain?, Should we call ourselves "Bereans?", How do you answer a fool?, How to read your Bible, Aren't we all God's children?

Answering Your Bible Questions (Part 2)
     -prophecy during the "church age", Will you debate an Ohio State professor about evolution?, What happens after the rapture?, What is "the fulness of the gentiles?", correcting a universalist, What was wrong with the woman with the issue of blood?, Do Peter & John warn us of false teachers?

Answering Your Bible Questions (Part 1)
     -Day of Christ vs. Day of the Lord, Catching away(rapture) vs. falling away, tribulation, Heaven or Paradise?, the salvation of the thief on the cross, questions about the book of Revelation.

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