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"Thank you Truth Time Radio for these wonderful messages. I never miss them with my morning coffee. I never heard a one yet I didn't like! Sometimes they make me take a long look at myself but hey, that's okay, something may need fixing. Thanks Trey ... <3"

Joy Heath
- Hempstead, TX





"Trey, I am one of the comments on your left hand tab from Chickamauga. I have since moved to the Tampa Bay area. I always used to listen to you on am 1490 in Chattanooga, every morning on my way to work. I spoke with you a number of times on the phone a few years back. I want to support you, and all you do any way that I can. If there are business cards I can pass out, or stickers I can slap around town, please let me know whatever I can do to help get this message out. I obviously am more than happy to pay for them, and pay you for your time of researching and printing that information. I try to leave tracts all over the place pointing people to the Jesus, and not to self perfection, but I feel anything to guide them to this ministry will be a much bigger blessing than a paragraph on a card. Thank you for all that you do, ESPECIALLY the youtube videos since I don’t get to hear your teachings regularly anymore. Your teachings have truly changed my life. THANK YOU, seriously, for EVERYTHING. You are the man that actually created a real relationship between me and God, through Jesus and I will be forever greatful."

- Tampa, FL





"When will you get the compare the verses back up? I am so ready to start rightly dividing the word of truth. I have been listening to Truth Time Radio since Dec. My eyes are being opened. And I am surprised at what I am hearing, this is so different than the traditional stuff I knew. Now I am anxious to learn this new information to me. My eyes are being opened now at the age of 65. I have been seeking truth ever since I learned the truth about tithing. Finally got that. Now the other truth. Thank you."

- Huntsville, AL





"I LOVE Truth Time! It's no holds barred and straight to the point. I have grown tired of round about teaching even among most grace teachers."






"Years of searching and years of empty pursuits to find the answers that religion had left me with have been replaced by God's wonderful grace and His precious word. Jesus Christ finished a work on the cross that only He could finish. He left no room for questions or improvements concerning His payment for our sins. Man in his religious attempt to please God through his own efforts is the only reason people are left to question The Finished Cross Work of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. When we follow the writings of our apostle Paul we quickly learn how dear the message of the cross was to him.
I too now have seen the cross in a different light . My faith in what Jesus DID is so strong that I proclaim "I will live in the gospel that saved me and I will die in the gospel that saved me!" If I don't make it to heaven it will be because Jesus did not do enough to get me there. In that case, we will all cry around the camp fires of hell. Jesus paid it all! Not one thing more is needed! He only needs you to receive the free gift that has been provided by His death, burial and resurrection. Failing to do so is the only reason a person will go to hell.
There's nothing more that can be done to pay for the sin of man. If the finished work of the cross did not take away your sin then you have no way to get to heaven. The importance of rightly dividing the word of truth is so glaring when you have seen the heart of man striving to stretch scripture from one dispensation to the other to cover his denominational views. It's sickening to think about how many souls are in hell today because they loved their pastor, denomination, friends and fellowship with all sincerity but never understood that Jesus Christ paid for everything that stood between them and a Holy God. Yet they followed the wisdom of man and were blinded to the truth of the gospel that saves today.
Glory to God I will rest in The Finished Work of My Dear Saviour! Thank you Lord ! Thank you for giving up your life and shedding your precious blood for a no good for nothing hell deserving sinner like me!

Peace, Joy, Life Everlasting 🙏"






"About a year ago I was invited to a bible study by a close friend. I told her that I wasn't interested because the bible is something I had never been able to understand. Later that evening she emailed me the link to this site. I reluctantly read your Compare the verses book and listened to one of your lessons. The way you explained things made the bible come alive to me for the first time EVER! Its now been over eleven months and I am loving the word of God more each day. I am always excited when I come here and find that you have recorded a new broadcast. I am forever grateful to my friend that cared enough to lead me to you. I believe that the information on this site is playing a principle roll in helping myself and many others see the wonderful fellowship we have in Christ Jesus our Lord."

- Florence, Italy





"Hello Trey!

The best thing about Truth Time Radio is having an easy to remember place to send people to whom you've preached the gospel. You may never see that person again. Making sure they get sound doctrine after you leave is so vitally important.

It's so easy to tell them, "Listen to TruthTimeRadio.com." It gives me a lot of peace. I know that if they can listen to this ministry on the website, radio, facebook, or youtube, they will be kept on the right track. Thanks so much for your ministry, sir! It means so much to me."

Robert Hurzeler
- Bend, OR





"I was always confused about the Bible, was ready to throw in the towel and then I learned about rightly dividing and my confusion left and the truth was brought to life . It was like a light bulb came  on above my head. Trey is so easy to learn from I don't know how some people don't get it. Thanks for sharing the truth rightly divided."
Sabrina Sayre
- Cocoa Beach, Florida





"Just listened to Mary's Alabaster box and was amazed at what I heard. This definitely changes my perspective on things. Thanks for your faithfulness to the scriptures."
B. P.
- Brushy Creek, South Carolina





"VERY refreshing!! I was delighted to hear Trey Searcy discuss the hope of the twelve apostles as being in the Kingdom of God on earth. I was lead into the body of Christ in the fellowship of the Mystery without every having to unlearn the delusions of "Twistianity.""

- Sacramento, CA





"I LOVE IT! I agree with 97% of everything you teach.
Did I say I LOVE IT?
Grace & Peace."
Gary L Smith
- Indian River City, Florida





"When will the revised COMPARE THE VERSES booklet be available? Thank you for your deliberate, honest, and DEPEND ON THE BIBLE ONLY teachings."






" Hello Trey,
I humbly express my sincere gratitude to you for your Ministry of Reconciliation, to wit my eyes, ears, heart and soul have been awakened.
For the past couple years I have been listening to you over and over and over, devouring all your materials at practically all available media... Thank you so very much.
May the LORD bless you, keep you and increase you always."






"I was very excited that you responded to my email. You know I agree with all that you preach/teach, and not only that, but rightly dividing is also just logical and everything makes sense when everything is in it's place.

I don’t follow your program because of the girls, I don’t follow your program because it’s popular or there some great church to go to with really fun social events, I listen to you because I believe it to be the truth and I don’t see anything else better.
So, I have to follow this teaching. These are my convictions- the words that you preach. I’m very thankful to have you in my life. Thank you very much Trey."






"Hooray, I couldn't thank the LORD and you enough for 'Old Covenant, New Covered, Or Something Else' and the many more hard working subjects that you reveal to us.
My prayers always to you and yours, as well as to your ministry."

- Burnaby, BC, Canada





"Thank you so much. Your concise deliberate communication style is a home run."






"Great teaching. I am learning things as a christian in the Baptist church for 40 years never heard [good job.]"

Maurice Wilson





"Trey the way you present the Gospel truth helps one to take their spiritual growth to a whole new level.  I love the testimonies you put on your webpage.  They are so inspiring, unlike denominational testimonies that say "God did this for me", they speak of what the Word of God is doing to them, they testify to the Power of God in His Word.   And I can relate to many of their struggles.  I have been there, struggled in the same manner.  But your teachings are so clear, no nonsense, no frills kind of teaching.  It is refreshing (comforting).  Thank you for sharing your understanding of Gods Word.  I wish more could grasp the simplicity of the Cross, it is the Power of God unto Salvation and His Word is so simple if you apply a few principles Paul gives us: 1 Timothy 2:4 [coming to the knowledge rightly dividing] and I am understanding what Paul is trying to tell us when he says: Philippians 3: 14I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus:  "In Christ," not this world.  Thank you again.  May Gods wisdom keep you ever learning.  Grace and Peace through God the Father and Christ Jesus. 
Another reason for this email is to ask you to notify me when you complete your book.  I want to purchase several books to share among some of my Messianic Christian family members.  They are resistant to hearing the Gospel Message as Paul taught and I am really concerned because there are many children involved.  I know they won't listen to me, they shunned me after giving them the Gospel Message Paul teaches.  But they are family members so they can't shut me out completely (LOL).    So when Hanukah comes around again, or another family get together, I will have your book to give."

  - Montana





"Thank you so much for your stand on the word of God. We have recently started a new assembly here in N.C. We broke away from religion and the Baptist church to do so once we discovered the key to rightly dividing the word of truth. Your way of delivering the word is wonderful and I thank God that a friend of mine turned me on to Truth Time Radio! Keep the hammer down and don't let up my brother! Our goal is to do the same, and as you know, it's not easy because there are churches on every corner here in our area preaching the gospel of Matthew thru John, and I only know of one within driving distance that preaches the word rightly divided. It's so refreshing to listen to someone who's explaining what God has said to man instead of what they have to say about God. Love it man! Thank you so much for your sound teaching. This is the teaching that our lost and dying world truly needs. I often wonder what the "church" could have been if this truth had been taught and preached by the multitudes. Never the less, I take my stand! We will preach the word of God rightly divided. We will follow the pin of our apostle Paul and up lift our Dear Lord and Saviour before a lost and dying world until he calls us home. "

Pastor Donnie Holt, Living Waters Bible Church
  - Winston Salem, NC





"In my youth, I was in and out of churches with my family. As I grew up and had questions, no one could answer them. By the time I graduated high school in 2007 I was a full blown Atheist that was mad at a God that I didn't believe in. Around 2013 I began having questions. I had one of my mechanics buy me a Bible in exchange for some car parts I bought for him. He bought me an NIV and told me the first book I should read was Deuteronomy. Wow was I in a mess for 2 years. Now I was a believer, but had no idea what I was doing, and frankly what to think of all this. After visiting numerous churchs and getting even more confused, I ended up buying a KJV bible. I thank God for what you are doing in this confusing world. Everyone has oopinions and dogmas, but this Bible is the only authority. Thank you for all you have done for me, and for opening my eyes to the revelation of the mystery. Keep up the great work. You have done an AMAZING JOB, getting my eyes off myself and on to Christ. Now I can THANK GOD for already saving me everytime I slip up, instead of praying to be forgiven and "re-saved." You have made an incredible impact on my life, and an even bigger impact on how I read my bible. Now I can truly proclaim the gospel of our salvation with clarity and confidence. Thank you and God bless!!  "

Jordan - Chickamauga, GA 





"I am enjoying your sermons and study material. By listening to you I am getting information that I can't find anywhere else. Thanks! "

Manny P. -East Brainerd TN 





"We need more teaching like this! I can't stand preachers who try and sound like professors...boring :( I love the way you shoot it straight and make it simple to understand. You don't take the long way around and I'm glad, because if you did I would get lost. "

Vesta Newell 





"Can I please get 50 CD copies of your teaching on Mary's Alabaster Box? It cleared up a lot, and as you said, it is 'the final death nail in the coffin.' "

-Midvale UT 





"Trey, Just heard your program "Mary's Alabaster Box" and it was so good! Years ago when I taught Sunday school I always stressed to my class the importance of rightly dividing the word. Its funny now when I think about it because I didn't even know what it meant. Now I do thanks to you. "

N.H. -Chattanooga TN 





"I loved your article on the book of Hebrews. My pastor teaches that the apostle Paul wrote it but after reading this I am convinced that there is no way that could be true! I am going to share this piece with him and we will see what happens. "

Joseph -Yakima WA 





"I am a recovering addict. I have been addicted to religion for almost 20 years. Thank you for the info that has brought me out of that mind set. "






"I thought I was saved but had no joy and no peace. In 2001 I asked Jesus into my heart but never felt at peace about it. In 2008 I started attending a church where I was told to say the sinners prayer and God would save me (still no peace). I went to the pastor about it and he said to repent of my sins be baptized and join the church. I did, but afterwards felt the same as before. Next I was told to go to the altar and God would fix me there. I did and felt somewhat better but it didn't last long. A couple of months later a friend sent me a link to your website. I then began to download and listen to your programs, and after hearing three or four I finally understood how to be saved. You made it clear enough for anyone to understand. That night in my bedroom, I decided to believe the gospel and put my faith in the Lord Jesus to save me. I stopped trusting in anything I had done or was doing. Finally I have PEACE and JOY! Thank God and thank you! "

Ben R.- Auburn Hills MI 





"I greatly enjoy your messages, and love to pass them out in my emails. You get to the point quickly, and concisely, and that is what I love about your ministry. Even if I don't quite get something, I listen until I do, and I have learned so much from you Mr. Searcy. Please keep your messages coming. You are a fresh breath of air when expressing the Grace message, and you do it in a way that other pastors can't. Not that they are bad, but you are unique. I thank our Lord for your style of delivery. I attend a Grace bible study on Sundays, as we have no church to attend out here, and I have told all in our group about you. We meet at a couples house in Folsom, Ca.   

I would like to purchase some Compare the verses booklets, or books, what ever form they come in. That is a document that is golden. I have told many about it and I hope they read it. I would love to have some cards of yours so I can drop them places, give them out and ask folks to listen to you. A card would be a good reminder.
Thank you so much Pastor Searcy. I listen to you on WJOC radio also. I pray God will keep your ministry going for a long time to come, until His return. May He Bless you, your family, and ministry."

Held in His Grace- Folsom CA 





"Bro. Trey! My wife & I were just two more of the untold millions - no, probably BILLIONS - of scripturally ignorant 'walking dead' Southern Baptists (me, since birth-40+years); who had been "CONTENT IN OUR IGNORANCE": taking every word that our "pastor" & Sun. School teacher said as FACT, without ever checking it with God's Word for ourselves!
After finding ourselves in "the dark room of confusion" when reading our Bibles (the KJV); we were told that we should get a "Bible that was easier to read" (aka, one of the "newer" per-versions). Our "problem" was that we would find things in one part of the KJV Bible that would seem to contradict other parts of the Bible. When we were introduced to the preaching of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery, our WHOLE LIFE CHANGED, forever!!! The "dark room of confusion" HAD IT'S LIGHTS TURNED ON!! We could now "see"/understand what God's Word was talking about! It began to make perfect sense, FINALLY!
We just couldn't get enough! We started studying/reading our KJV Bible 6-8 hours per day. And, we just KNEW that EVERYBODY would be so excited & anxious to hear, and learn what we had learned; BUT **NO**!!! I was the Adult Sunday School Teacher, until I started teaching the TRUTH of God's Word, rightly divided, according to 2 Timothy 2:15 KJV. Our pastor told us that, if it came down to a choice between believing & teaching the King James Bible, or Southern Baptist Doctrine; we had BETTER CHOOSE to believe & teach Southern Baptist Doctrine!!
I RESIGNED, and we left the church! It takes gall to say such a thing, when denominations are doing nothing more than preaching/teaching a MODIFIED, BASTARDIZED, and PERVERTED FORM OF **MESSIANIC JUDAISM**!! The preachers are doing nothing but PROSELYTIZING people into **MESSIANIC JUDAISM**!!
I found your radio program on FB, and I loved it!
Thank you, again, for your wonderful ministry! My wife & I would LOVE to meet you & your wife, sometime; as that would be a tremendous honor for us both.
Grace & peace to you, my friend. Maranatha."


RL- Hartselle AL





"Yesterday I read Faith's testimony, "The Puzzle."  Other than a few of the personal childhood incidents that are similar but differ, I had trouble not underlining every line that mimicked my own life!  An excellent job of putting in writing the availability of God's love and his communication with those who seek him.  Thanks, Faith and thanks for this outreach."






"I listen to your lessons over and over, again and again. And I try and verify all you say by reading the scriptures. I have gained confidence, and peace with Christ by the Grace message. It is Him, and not I that assures me of my position. Thank you for your unique ability to convey this great message."

-Northern California





"Religion only LIED to me. I am thankful that several months ago someone told me about you. I have read all your study material, (love the book) and I'm finally becoming sound in doctrine (something I never thought possible). With each new program I hear, I am noticing a change in my thinking. Answers to my questions is something bible college never gave me, leaving me unstable in many ways.

The program "Forgiven But Didn't Know it (Reconciliation Part 2)" is the BEST teaching I've ever heard! It touched me so deeply, that each morning after getting to my office, I would sit and listen to it again and again. I did this for almost two weeks - what a way to start my day!!! It cleared up so many unanswered question. Questions that haunted me since my late teens. I wish every person in the world knew about RECONCILIATION.
I emailed your website to my family and business contacts with the hope that they will be edified as much as I have. I could never thank you enough."

Darren- Kokomo, Mississippi





" I love your "Body of Christ Watchman" program. It helped break the spiritual chains that had me bound, and to put away self condemning thoughts. 

I have had issues with self condemnation and trying to live up to what others expected of me since early childhood. I thought I could  never be good enough for anyone especially God.

I too (just like your caller) grew up in a church that mixed works with grace. They claim to preach salvation by grace but seemed to always have something YOU must do to go to heaven.

You've helped me realize that the first step to spiritual freedom and true happiness is learning to see myself as GOD see's me. That for me changed everything!"

Jan McNight- United States





" I have just read your "Compare the Verses" commentary booklet, and found it to be a wonderful work. I probably can't find the right words to say how good I think it is. It is a perfect reference resource for me to use. Thank you so much for it. Is it possible to purchase a copy of it from you?  I like to make notes, and such. I have never seen anything like it. You really need to get it in a hard copy booklet form. It needs to be read and used in Bible Studies. I love it! Thank you for writing it. It is a wonderful synopsis of the contrast of Kingdom and grace doctrine. It is precise, comprehensive, and it condenses what it has taken me four or five years to learn from reading many commentaries, and alot of hard thought and prayer.

For what it is worth, I kind of stumbled on it. I think you should make it easier to find on your website. Thank you again Trey. I pray God will bless your work. I have sent a link to TruthTimeRadio.com out once again to all my contacts."

Arlie Lloyd- Somerset, California





"I have always been told that I have Attention Deficit Disorder even though I have never been diagnosed. You are the first bible teacher able to hold my attention. I'm happy to say that I'm learning this stuff ADD or not :) "

Michele B. - Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia





"I have to tell you how much I've enjoyed the past few months of "Truth Time". It is consistent and right to the point. I appreciate your candor in getting straight to the truth. You have helped me to see the difference between the church the body of Christ and the other churches found in scripture. Seeing the differences has helped to clear up many doctrinal issues."

Donald Mansfield - League City, Texas





"Your program is refreshing and unique! Listening has inspired me to rethink several things. Since finding you, my fervor for bible study has reached an all new high."

Megan Betancourt - Chattanooga, Tennessee





"I checked out Truth Time Radio……started listening….almost two hours later I realized I could listen two hours more, and more, and more. Even enjoyed the jazzy bumper music….
Your approach ….  “answering questions” is very effective…..’rightly divide’  it makes so much sense.
Continue the good work.  I’ll tune in whenever I can.
Thank you."

Joe Sparra - St. Petersburg, Florida


"We love what you're doing. Finding someone who uses the Bible to interpret the Bible rather than commentaries has been a real blessing to us."

Aimee - Saint Charles, Missouri

"I like Trey Searcy's style of preaching. It's not...um...preachy."

Scott Evans - Longmont, Colorado

"After studying several denominations and spending much of my life searching for truth, thank God I finally found something that makes sense. Thank you for a website that educates and answers my questions! You have a way of communicating with clarity and precision."

Judah Emory - Long Beach, New York

"I just listened and was blown away by your teaching on Seventh day Adventism. Just like the listener who wrote you, I too am a ex member of their church. I remain in contact with many and plan to email them a link to your website. I find it hard to believe that any rational thinking Seventh day Adventist could listen to you and remain a Seventh day Adventist."

CW - Boise, Idaho

"Your style of teaching got my attention and made me want to study the bible again. At first you said some things that made me mad. You said some things I had never heard before so I thought for sure they were not true. Boy was I wrong. I checked, double checked and even triple checked my bible to make sure that what you were saying was true, and they were. Thank you for having the guts to tell the stripped down bare naked truth. Since finding your program I've become more comfortable with sharing the gospel with friends and family."

Tanya -Chattanooga, Tennessee

"Thank You! Truth Time has helped alot! I really had a hard time with getting saved.I knew I believed, but I knew I wasn't saved. So, eventually I just ended up trusting Christ and Him alone, and then I felt saved, (it was a lot more dramatic than I can make it sound...lol).
I could never get any assurance that I was actually saved. The Gospel of John, and 1 John, gave me no assurance at all. So, for years I just kept searching, for what, I just wasn't sure.

It wasn't until I met up with you guys preaching the Grace Gospel, and teaching "right division", when it all come together, and I never had to search anymore.
All I needed to know was that ALL my sins were forgiven at the Cross, and that I was ALREADY forgiven.
If I had to ask and plead for forgiveness, like I was doing, I knew I could never be saved, or have any assurance of salvation. Christ had to do it all for me...and all I had to do was trust what He done for me."

Barry Chantler -Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

"Hi, I'm a new listener of Truth Time Radio and a recovered apostolic Pentecostal who now follows 2 Timothy 2:15 instead of Acts 2:38. I now know the truth. After 18 years of walking in darkness I came to know the right gospel (the gospel of the grace of God, the gospel of Christ) and believe and trust in the finished cross work of Jesus Christ. It was December of 2008 that I came to know this. I am so glad to understand my bible now. I wish to add you to my FB friend's list if that's ok with you. Grace & Peace."

James - Cincinatti, Ohio

"I grew up in a traditional church but always had questions that no one could answer. Watching your On Demand videos has given me the tools to develop a cohesive understanding of the Bible."

Curtis West -St. Clair, Missouri

"I just listened to Navigation System!  It was awesome. I just emailed all the members of our church to listen. I also like that catchy music in the background of 2 Lies that will keep you lost. I think that is what is so unique about your format. I Love it! I wanted Faith to know how I appreciate her article 'The Puzzle'.  It explains so well what I experienced in the confusing doctrine of religion. I know by reading that article she has experienced everything I have in the joy of that beautiful picture. I have fallen in love with Christ and His beautiful Word as she has."

Donna - Ohio

"I enjoy reading the messages on your website especially the Compare The Verses section. It is very interesting, and I teach our Sunday School by using your verse comparisons. Thank You."

Romeo Tagalogon - Plaridel, Misamis Occidental, Philippines

"Your lesson on atheists was very well done. It is the most convincing evidence I have heard thus far combating the belief of atheism. In my line of work I meet a lot of people. When given the opportunity I share my faith with my clients. In the past three years it seems that I have met more atheist than in all the previous years of my life combined. I downloaded your program to use for a study tool to better equip myself to deal with others. Thank you so much!"

Jeff - Hixson, Tennessee

" Truth Time has helped me with questions I have had since my childhood. It has not only shown me where to go to find the answers, but how to explain it to others."

Howard R. - Rossville, Georgia

" Every time I have a bible question I know who to call. I feel like I call you too much, but hey, I've got a lot of questions :)"

Ken W. - Chattanooga, Tennessee

" Truth Time is straight to the point and lives up to it's name. It has helped me better understand the Bible, a book that use to sit on my shelf collecting dust. I now feel confident when explaining the grace message to others. I am so very glad there is a program out there like this one."

Kandace S. - Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia

" WOW! Your verse comparisons were a real eye opener for me. I started out with the intentions of just reading a couple or so but ended up spending all evening reading every last one. Thanks for supplying me with several ah-ha moments."

Kevin Jacobs - Rome, Georgia

" Thanks for everything you have shared. I find what you say has a lot of meaning and you can actually back it up."

Emony K. - Chattanooga, Tennessee

" Love your Truth Time Radio broadcast brother Trey, keep up the good work."

Thierry Joseph - Bridgeport, Connecticut

" Wanted to let you know I really like your truth time program. You do a great job of presenting the information and hopefully many people will be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth through the program."

Steve Atwood- Hixson, Tennessee


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