How The Gospel Of Grace Is Affecting Lives


"Hi Trey,
My wife and I have an interesting story we wanted to share. Maybe not unfamiliar to some but to many it may sound crazy.

I'm 61 and grew up semi Catholic (you see I told you it would be crazy) then at age 35 1989, discovered a Charismatic church in southern California called Eagles Nest, pastor Gary Greenwald. When I first walked in they were speaking (in what THEY thought) were tongues it freaked me out! But those around me convinced me it was the real deal. I was into that Charismatic scene for awhile.What a strange set of beliefs that was to say the least. I at this so called church went to an alter call, repenting of my sins, and felt I did what was 'necessary' to ask Jesus into my heart, etc. which I now know is a false conversion and denies the finished crosswork.

From there, I went to Assemblies of God where I was told that twanging of the guitar (I'm a guitar player and singer) was of the devil so I learned songs from the Hymnals calmed my rock edge down quite a bit and jumped through more religious hoops than I could imagine. I just wanted to use "my gifts" to serve the Lord. Anyone who knows much about Assemblies of God, know they are Pentecostals steeped in bad religious doctrines derived from the holiness movement.

I went from that to a street outreach called Set Free Christian Fellowship which was comprised of ex Hells Angels, ex gang members started by Phil Aguilar a favorite of TBN for a long time. THAT was an interesting ministry full of rock and rap music (I'm a musician so I seemed to fit in since I had played in secular rock bands in Hollywood in the late 70's early 80's) with lyrics changed to SUPPOSEDLY glorify God. Outreaches all over the USA a traveling hardcore street ministry. (Just goes to show you that you can place the label Christian on ANYTHING but it don't make it so). Most, if not all of these folks in looking back were probably not even saved. But I obviously cannot be sure on that but do not remember Paul's gospel being preached.

From there uh oh yes it's true, the word faith movement! Now that is a group that is so far off the beaten path in looking back I wonder how did I ever fall for that malarkey! I saw everybody who was anybody from Copelend, to Creflo, to Joyce Meyers, Jakes, Jesse Duplantis, Kim Clement, Hinn, Hagin, Rodney Howard Brown, Patricia King, Heidi Baker, you name 'em, the list goes on and on of some of greatest charlatans on earth!!! Pretty much the entire TBN crowd!I wont even get into some of the others like Joel Osteen. It's simply unbelievable that thousands maybe millions can buy such garbage! (I discovered that fact gratefully not too late that all these are deceivers)

I was in the word of faith group for 9 years! (mostly wasted years.)I'm living proof that anyone can be deceived if you are not rightly dividing the word of truth. Anyway back to word of faith. There was a point in being on the "worship" team, I was looking out at the huge crowd and realizing we were not worshiping anything but our flesh, I walked off and stopped playing music feeling I was just entertaining these people NOT leading them into so called worship. At least my heart thought it was true worship.

From there I went to a group steeped in the Purpose driven scene In Costa Mesa California Lighthouse Church. We studied Rick Warren's agenda. (You see again, I told you this was a crazy path.) I studied hard core daily only problem was since I was being taught incorrectly and using the NIV, it obviously confused me even more.

After this once again, frustrating time, I just stopped going to church. I had had enough of man's baloney. My search continued though for the truth. I didn't give up. I prayed and begged God for it many times not wanting to do anything but serve him. I never seemed to quite fit in to any of these groups, but I could certainly hold my own and hang with them all, especially since I thought I was doing God's work and following God's will for my life. I'd take a guess 95% of the teachings of all the groups I was involved in were completely false in doctrinal beliefs etc.

But like a true believer not wanting to be critical or judgmental, I went with what appeared to be at the time, mainstream Christianity. Trusting God to work it all out. After all, how could these people be wrong? They were at this much longer than me. They had all the material "blessings" of God imaginable so, it appeared to the untrained believer this was it. The golden ticket! The obvious danger that happens to many Christians is celebritizing men and women. Trusting that what they tell you is the truth. Not studying PROPERLY for yourself to rightly divide. It's a trap that so many have fallen into and of course still do on their way to hell. Many of these groups and so called churches and movements add just enough Jesus, just enough truth to make it palatable and bam you're hooked. Like a lemming going to the slaughter.

Now for my wife.
My wife (she's 58) had many similarities running in the same circles. The biggest difference was she was a pastor's kid. Her dad was an Assemblies of God preacher and he and her mom missionaries in Peru, Guatemala etc. She also in her circles never felt like she fit in. Something wasn't right.

She had fallen into the NAR crowd, C Peter Wagner etc., also the laying on of hands crowd/deliverance "ministries", (what a scam) false prophets like Rick Joyner, (we read that book of his the Final Quest 9 times!) ya think we were a bit deceived? and we are not stupid people! Not to mention much of her family believed/believes Billy Graham was/is THE preacher extraordinaire as much of America and the world did/does. Wow! We now realize that HE is a smooth talking, universalist ushering in the one world religion and has been a 'friend' to the world for decades!

We met and married 3 years ago and have been on a quest for truth together ever since. You see, what many people don't realize is the people teaching in these various movements are either totally deceived and blinded from the truth, or they know exactly what they are doing and are liars filling their own bellies (agendas). What can happen is, once you realize someone is teaching falsely, you can easily fall into another trap by hearing someone else teaching doctrine what 'seems' to REALLY be the truth compared to what you were following.

Case in point after we finally singled out 'most of the false teachers, false prophets, and outright liars, we then fell into teachings by John MacArthur (calvinist), Paul Washer, Todd Friel, RC Sproul, David Wilkerson, to name a few, thinking these guys were ROCK SOLID. We thought we FINALLY hit the mother lode. That the Holy Spirit had honored our diligent search for truth. Especially when compared to those to what we had gone through and followed. Well once again we were duped.

We now discovered (with your help and another guy teaching the same) that these people are HALF right which is still a whole lie, teaching mans efforts to achieve salvation (lordship salvation) and/or our own efforts to maintain it. Oh yeah they teach the cross just not the finished crosswork. They have the experience, degrees, excellence in orator skills etc. to pull it off. So many so called Christians believe and/or teach Jesus and believe in the cross but add in extra things that we must do or even as you know, teach this so called irresistible grace or that only certain people are chosen for salvation and the rest go to hell.

My wife discovered you around Christmas time 2014 on truthtimeradio.com. I fought it at first, wondering what is he talking about Paul's gospel, no more asking forgiveness etc. That all the Bible is FOR us but not TO us. This was foreign to us both. But as I listened, I realized letting scriptures interpret themselves WAS and IS rightly dividing. Comparing words with words. To say you and your teachings have blessed us would be GREATLY understating that fact! WOW! Talk about revelation.

We had previously sent you a couple of lame questions, but we get it now after years we get it! We live in Lake Havasu City Arizona, where there is NOTHING being taught like this, we have a business here we realize we need to start our own fellowship of ambassadors here and see what the Lord does. We are greatly excited to say the least to FINALLY get the truth!!! We have a small place in the Hualapai mountains in Kingman Arizona where we spend our weekends studying, learning, and growing in the truth. We are studying online the vast resources you offer and will follow the grace dispensation, Pauline doctrine, finished crosswork teachings to the T. Your people there must know how blessed they are to be in such a fellowship I'm sure. My wife and I have taken a long hard road to get here, and we wont get fooled again (the Who) :)

I know this was long winded, but hopefully it may encourage someone there that no matter what they have been through, they can keep pressing on and the REAL truth will set them free. Feel free to use this as you feel. If not hopefully it made for some good reading and is an encouragement to you and your fellowship we are out here, and we are with you. We will fight for the truth to the end that some might be saved.
Thanks Trey!"

Bobby and Liz Faulkner
Lake Havasu City, AZ